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Maintenance of Leather

Maintenance of special material bags and treatment of special stains:

1.     When the slick-surfaced leather slightly yellow, you may wipe the whole bag by a toothbrush dampened with neutral detergent. Meanwhile, the quilted line and other sewing section of the bag can also be cleaned by old toothbrush.

2.     If the bag is attached with dirt, you may wipe it gently with an eraser, and then carefully paint the bag with colorless leather cream.

3.     Pure white bag can be cleaned by diluted 84 disinfectant or bleaching liquid. Please pay attention that before using this method, you should process small-scale testing.

4.     For the brown color bag, wiping it with banana peel is a good way to make the bag polished and clean.

5.     If the bag gets grease marks on it, you may try to remove them with detergent. Or before cleaning it, wipe the greased parts with a toothbrush dampened with diluted oxalic acid first, then process the conventional treatment.

6.     Ways of getting rid of ballpoint pen marks: For the colored bag, you may use 95% alcohol; or before cleaning the bag, wipe the marks part with Amway, without touching water, then process the conventional treatment five minutes later.

7.     If the bag gets glue on it, Naphtha will be helpful. You can buy it from general chemical supply stores. Essential balm can also be used to remove the glue, just pay attention that you need do small scale testing first.

8.     If the bag corner peeled off or worn out, painting it with markers of the same color will make it invisible and won’t affect the normal use of the bag.

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Maintenance of Leather
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