Create an Account
    • 1. Create an Account

    • On ,users from the entire world can register as customer.
      After you complete and submit the registration form and activate your account,the registration is successfully completed.
      As a customer you can search for products,view wholesale price and also to place an order with our company.

    • Take following steps to create an account:

    • 1. Click 'Sign In’ on the top of pages to begin registration.
      2 . Complete the registration form.
      3 . Click “Sign In”.
      4. We sends an email to your registered email box.
      5 . Activate your account with active URL provided in your email.
      6 . Registration finished. 

    • 2. Must activate the account ?

    • Yes, you must activate your account.
      only an activated account will be able to receive mails from our company on your payment
      shipment receipt confirmation, password retrieving etc.